RoboCo – Build Robots, Serve Humans, [REDACTED]

RoboCo is a sandbox game about designing and building robots…

…to serve the needs of squishy, hapless humans in the world of tomorrow.

Hello, world – we’re Luke, Joe, and Jon of Filament Games, and we’ve been working on RoboCo for about a year now. The game is our passion project, and we’re really excited to begin sharing more about it in the coming months. Here’s a quick glance at our vision for the finished game:

  • Create Any Robot You Can Imagine. Seamlessly snap together an expansive parts inventory to bring the machines of your dreams to life. Hook up controls, customize how your robots move and operate, iterate to perfection, then add googly eyes and hats!
  • Serve the Needs of Squishy, Hapless Humans. Design clever robots to carry out whimsical challenges like putting a baby in a crib, preparing a romantic dinner, or showing off your robot dance moves.
  • Learn the Secrets of RoboCo. There’s something strange going on here at the RoboCo robot prototyping corporation….

Stay tuned right here for regular progress updates, stories from our team, and more information on when you can get your hands on the game. In the meantime, keep in touch by dropping your info into the form below – our plucky and helpful email bots will send monthly RoboCo updates straight to your inbox. Thanks for stopping by! 🤖

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