Build Bots in Desktop Mode, VR, or Both!

Alongside a wacky campaign, a core component of RoboCo is its robust and intuitive robot-building sandbox mode.

Quick history lesson: RoboCo was originally conceived as a VR robotics sandbox experience, as our team found the tactile, hands-on nature of 6DoF motion controls to be a perfect match for a game about building robots. For those without a VR headset, we later evolved a vision for an accompanying desktop interface, and began developing this as well.

Our goal is to have RoboCo be a smooth and user-friendly robot building game whether you are playing on:

  • A desktop PC
  • A virtual reality headset with 6DoF motion controls
  • Or swapping between both!

In the video below, you can get a taste of how the game’s interface works in both desktop mode and VR, and how RoboCo allows for a seamless transition between both modes with the click of a button:

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