Watch YouTubers Play RoboCo – Part 3

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Hey RoboCo community – and welcome to another roundup of content creator vids! Since last time, we gave folks their first look at two all-new challenges – RoboCoffee and Wood and Chips – as part of our closed alpha. As a result, we’ve seen a TON of new videos from folks like ScrapMan, Durf, kAN Gaming, and more – each giving us a unique (and often hilarious) look at how they decided to tackle our all-new objectives and secrets. Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorites – but be sure to let us know yours by shouting ‘em out on our Facebook and Twitter!


Angory Tom




kAN Gaming

That’s all folks! Already hungry for more RoboCo? Be sure to check out part one and part two of our series here. For more RoboCo behind the scenes content, stay tuned right here on our dev blog – and in the meantime, be sure to join the RoboCo community on Discord and follow us on Twitter for even more robo content!

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