Check Out Our Robots – Part 4

Hello every-bot-y! 👋

Pardon my ridiculous puns, but I’m just so excited to dedicate this week’s dev blog to sharing some of our team’s most recent creations! Last time, lead game designer Luke gave us an in-depth overview of the state of RoboCo development – so if you haven’t had a chance to check that out yet, definitely read that first. Once you’re all caught up – or are ready to skip right to the robots – let’s jump in!

Stair Climber




Wall Climber

Pretty impressive, huh? These new creations join the esteemed lineup of robots showcased in previous entries of our series (check out parts one, two, and three here!) – welcome to the family!

Next time, we’ll be kicking off a new RoboCo dev diary video series, so keep your eyes peeled for more on that later this month! In the meantime, if you want to help support our team, you can do so by following us on Twitter, joining the growing RoboCo community on Discord, and adding RoboCo to your Steam wishlist. See you all later! 

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