Ready, Set, Play! – RoboCo Playtests are Now Online

We told you we’d be back soon with an update! 

Last time, we talked about a recent update to RoboCo’s scoring system. Today, let’s talk about the exciting playtests for RoboCo that were announced this week!

It’s Time to Play

As you may have seen on Twitter and Discord, Roboco is holding playtests! From now till the end of 2021, players will get to experience the latest, most up-to-date version of RoboCo, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

(There is also a possibility that these playtests will extend into 2022, but we can’t make those types of promises yet.)

Our goals with these playtests are to: 

1. Test and Polish New Content – RoboCo has gone through many iterations since it was first introduced. In the last month alone, we’ve implemented a new scoring and property damage system. We’ve also updated the art and VR capabilities. Many players haven’t had the chance to experience these changes in-game yet, and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

2. Collect Usability Feedback – The purpose of a playtest is to make sure that players can…well…play the game. By taking part in these playtests, we’ll be able to see if RoboCo has any bugs that need squashing, learn if challenges are too easy or complicated, and so on. We can then make these fixes and updates before the game is released so that the game you see on launch day is as perfect as it can be!

3. Ensure That The Voice of the Community is Heard During Development – A big reason why we’re doing playtest is because we want to know what YOU think of the game. A game is nothing without those who play it, and we want to make sure you enjoy playing RoboCo as much as we’ve enjoyed making it! The best way we can ensure that is by making you a part of the conversation. Regardless of which way your feedback leans, we want to know what you think about RoboCo’s design, environments, challenges, sandbox, and more. We’ll then do our best to make the right changes to the game before launch, so you’ll be an integral part of our development journey. 

Players who choose to sign up will be randomly selected and assigned to a small, rotating group. We believe that this will give everyone an equal opportunity to experience the game and give their feedback to developers. We also liked the idea of you meeting people outside your friend circle! 

All you need to sign up is your Discord name, Steam username, and email address. That way, when it’s your turn to play, we can directly notify you!

First invites go out soon! If you want to be a part of this exciting moment in RoboCo’s history, make sure to sign up at the link below: 


What Do You Think? – Scoring System Update

Last time, we talked about how RoboCo added a new scoring system to the game. Did the update match your expectations? Let us know in this week’s survey!


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And that’s the end of this week’s DevBlog! Thank you for reading and make sure to leave a reply below with your thoughts! Next week, we’re going to crown our first ever Engineer of the Week, which you won’t want to miss!

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