To Shave or Not to Shave, That is the Question

Hello RoboEngineers!

Last week was the start of November, and one of the most popular month-long activities people participate in is No-Shave November!

At RoboCo HQ, every month is No-Shave November, though, and we have a ton of staff that sport majestic facial hair year-round! Some of these personnel’s appearances are inspired by real-life Filament Games employees, while others are entirely their own design. Either way, the names are entirely fictional.

To introduce a little bit of world-building to the RoboCo universe, here are some of our favorite unshaven employees and what they do at RoboCo HQ!


Steve is usually the last person to be served at Bistro Robo. He doesn’t particularly love sandwiches, but wouldn’t say no to a slice of cake!


Alex likes to sit in the back of Bistro Robo! He spends as much time talking about video games as he does about work.


Ibrahim stops at RoboCoffee every morning for a fresh cup of joe. 


Ron isn’t the biggest people-person, so he likes to take his coffee upstairs at RoboCoffee! This makes it hard for robots to find him though.


Dalton keeps dancing robots in check. He also is the RoboCo club’s bouncer.


Ian is RoboCo’s oldest employee! He’s been managing the RoboCo warehouse since 1982. 


Paul mans the Lumberjack Office at RoboCo. He’s in love with red flannel shirts. 


Sameer operates one of the loggers for the Lumberjack Office. He’s often frustrated though because cones are often in his way. 


Emil didn’t want to be the one dunked during the piñata party, but his supervisor said he had to. He’s wearing goggles because he doesn’t want to get water in his eyes. 


Bill is the floor manager for RoboCo. He likes to spend his days spying on watching over his team and robots via the Observation Deck. Who knows what secrets may be lying in his office? 


John is the laziest person at RoboCo. He can’t even leave the game room to grab a soda! 

And that’s it for this week’s DevBlog! Are you participating in No Shave November? Let us know how your beard is coming along and tune in next week to learn more about the RoboCo Development Team!

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