Platypus Bills and More New Cosmetics!

Happy Friday, RoboPeople!

We hope you’ve been having a fantastic week and an excellent start to Spring (if you’re in the northern hemisphere)! Last week, our VP of Marketing and RoboCo expert, Brandon Pittser, broke down RoboCo’s exciting history from past to present. This week, we’re keeping the excitement rolling by unveiling more new cosmetics for RoboCo.

Spoiling the Spoiler

Our first new cosmetic allows RoboMechanics to take their cars to a whole new level of cool! Whether you’re building a monster truck, a sports car, a sedan, or a Formula 1 racer, the new spoiler accessory makes any car feel race-day ready!

Basically, I’m Very Small

Whoever said you couldn’t make a robot out of a molehill? Christened “Little Guy” by the RoboCo dev team, this may be the cutest accessory RoboCo has ever produced and the most popular companion for both robots and humans alike!

What’s in the Box?

We’re not sure what to make of this accessory. Is it just a cardboard box? What happens when you look underneath it? I’m too scared to check, but maybe you can let me know later. 

Straight Out of a Sci-Fiction Movie

Less of a single accessory and more of a collection, we’ve gathered some familiar science-fiction robot tropes and put them straight into RoboCo! This collection includes a modem face, breaker panel, radiator block, open gasket, compact rail, and cable relay. Trust me, robots covered in these cosmetics will make the aliens and space cowboys feel right at home!

I Spy with My Giant Eye

If Little Guy is one of the cutest cosmetics RoboCo has ever made, then this Giant Eye is one of the creepiest. Maybe it’s the blinking? Perhaps it’s the color? Whatever it is, a robot wearing this eye is a robot I don’t want to mess with. 

What’s Venomous and Lays Eggs?

And our final cosmetic is nothing other than a Platypus Bill. However, venom secretion and the ability to lay eggs are sold separately. 

And that’s it for this week’s devblog! Are there any other ideas for cosmetics you can think of? Let us know in the comments down below or on Discord. Next week, we found some bugs crawling around in our warehouse, and you wouldn’t believe the shenanigans they’ve got up too!

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