Check Out Our Robots – Episode 2

Check Out Our Robots – Episode 2

Last week, we talked about drones and some RoboCo cosmetics with a new coat of paint! This week, we’ve got a brand new episode of Check Out Our Robots for you to enjoy!

For those new to this series, Check Out Our Robots is a series dedicated to showcasing the coolest robots ever built in RoboCo! For this episode in particular, we wanted to showcase some of the coolest robots players built during the 2022 Steam Next demo as well as other robots from our development team and The 2021 FIRST Global RoboCo Challenge that we didn’t get to last time! 

Let us know what you thought of the episode at YouTube or our Discord! A lot of the robots in this video come directly from the #creations channel in the Official RoboCo Discord, so make sure to join our community and scroll through the channel to see more robotastic machines! You can also check out the first episode of the series here

And that’s it for this week’s devblog! Thank you to everyone who submitted robots to our #creations channel during Steam Next Fest! Next week, we’re highlighting a new Discord member in another RoboEngineer Spotlight! 

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