Drone Propellers Plus Some New Cosmetics!

Drone Propellers Plus Some New Cosmetics!

Last week, we talked about the Color Picker! This week, we’re showcasing some spe-shell new parts and cosmetics! You may have seen these in the Steam Next demo, but not our very first entry…

Drones are Back!

One of the most exciting announcements we’ve made recently, RoboCo has officially brought back propellers! You’ll be able to use the propellers with the classic rod+motor combo and some Python code to control and stabilize your robot. While we’re still working out some kinks, we’re planning to include a quadcopter example robot that demonstrates how you can take your deliveries sky high!

Play Endless Fetch with Your RoboDog!

In addition to propellers, our team revisited a foam ball turret we prototyped earlier in development and have now turned it into a functioning feature! Not only is it the perfect way to keep your dog entertained and the humans nervous, but it’s also fully controllable, with different levels of power and emit rates available via the Properties Menu.


Yet another early prototype returns! Like our turret, you can use the Properties Menu to fill the screen with as many bubbles as you can with the adjustable emit rate and particles per emission. 

Fish are Cosmetics. Not Food

Sebastian, Crush, and Aquaman would love this new collection of cosmetics! Choose to decorate your robot with starfishes, barnacles, shells, coral, and anemones to give it that perfect under-the-sea look.

And that’s it for this week’s devblog! Which new part or cosmetic are you the most excited to try out? Let us know on social media or in our Official RoboCo Discord! Next week, we’ve got another episode of Check Out Robots ready and waiting to be watched, so make sure to tune it for that! 

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