Hello again, RoboPeople!

It’s no secret that we write these blogs because YOU read them. RoboCo would be nothing without its fantastic community, and we are astounded by the robots you create to solve challenges and wreak havoc in the sandbox. 

Starting today, we’re going to shout out a member of our Discord! This person could be someone who’s very active in the community, making incredible robots, helping others with challenges, builds, gameplay mechanics, etc. 

We value each member of our growing Discord community, and we hope this little spotlight showcases how much we appreciate your dedication and love for our game. 

And so, without further ado, today’s Engineer of the Week is Da Bald Eagul!

As of today, Da Bald Eagul has posted 4,380 times in Discord and has been a member since January 11, 2020. The reason behind all those posts? Simple, Da Bald Eagul is the moderator of our Discord! 

Not only is Da Bald Eagul constantly answering questions and providing feedback on other members’ robots, but he also makes updates and adds bots to our server. When they aren’t helping manage our Discord, you can find Da Bald Eagul terrorizing workers in RoboCo’s sandbox with their trusty tank!

Thank you for all the work you’ve put into moderating our Discord, Da Bald Eagul! We can’t wait to see how your role progresses as our community and game continue to grow!

That’s the end of this week’s DevBlog! If you haven’t, make sure to join our Discord so you have a chance to be the next Engineer of the Week! Also, make sure to sign up for RoboCo’s playtests that were announced last week! The link to the form is below

RoboCo Playtests Form 👉

Next week, we’re going to shout out some of the fabulous RoboCo content on social media. If you love YouTube, Tik Tok, and Twitter, you won’t want to miss this post!

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