Resizable Motors and More New Cosmetics!

Resizable Motors and More New Cosmetics!

It’s Friday, RoboEngineers!

Last week, we showcased some of our favorite pieces of RoboCo content over the last couple of months. This week, we’re revealing our re-sizeable motors and some new cosmetics!

Bigger is Better

You may have noticed in recent-ish versions of RoboCo that the servo motors and DC motors had four sizes. The bigger sizes were more powerful with a higher max torque, as tends to be the case with motors in real life. As we played the game with these four sizes, we found that we liked the core idea of bigger motors being more powerful, but we didn’t like swapping from one motor size to another on our robots and losing the first motor’s properties and transmitter control settings because of the swap.

As Lead UI/UX Designer Joe Horan revealed in Tools | Inside RoboCo Episode 4, we’ve always wanted the Resize Tool to work on more parts besides blocks, rods, and pistons. So we decided that the solution to our dilemma was to make motors resizable, increasing their size and max torque while preserving their other properties and controls.

For example, if you resize a motor to its largest possible size (3x3x3) you can achieve a max torque value of 20,000 Nm, thus allowing your robot to lift incredibly heavy objects like the one shown below!

A Classic Disguise

Speaking of cosmetics, one of our newest additions to the RoboCo cosmetic line are these slapstick glasses! Feel free to use them as a disguise or share them with your friends for a guaranteed laugh! 

Filabee Achieves Its Final Form

If you’ve been following RoboCo for a long time, you may know that our developer Filament Games’ mascot is a bumblebee named Filabee. While Filabee is usually busy delivering special treats and hosting events with our staff, you can also find them buzzing around their RoboCo beehive with their brand new bee wings! 

Start Your Very Own Toy Store

If you’re the engineer looking for the perfect On button, then do we have the cosmetic for you! We have three different styles of buttons for you to choose from and they work with just about any robot! 

Make Your Point Heard

If you feel like humans aren’t listening, make sure to use our new loudspeaker to get their attention! You may blow out their eardrums but at least your robot won’t have to worry about ever getting the wrong commands again! 

And that’s it for this week’s devblog! Are you as excited about these resizable motors and new cosmetics as we are? Let us know in the comments below or in our Official RoboCo Discord! Next week, Brandon Pittser returns to break down our biggest RoboCo announcement of all time! Trust me, you won’t want to miss it! 

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