RoboEngineer Spotlight #3

RoboEngineer Spotlight #3

Hello, humans!

Last week, Luke Jayapalan revealed a brand new RoboCo challenge, Silicon Sonata! This week, we’re doing another RoboEngineer Spotlight! 

This award goes out to a select member of our Discord community that answers questions, builds amazing robots, actively engages with our staff, and overall makes the RoboCo Discord a more welcoming place. Our previous winners, KingBR and Da Bald Eagul, exemplify these qualities and so much more and, as our community continues to grow, people like them have become more important than ever! 

So, without further ado, please oil your gears and give RedPug a round of applause! 👏👏👏

RedPug has been a member of our Discord community since June 20, 2020. They’ve posted over 1,454 times and are one of the eight Discord members to be crowned a Robot Build-Competition Winner. In addition to walking people through the intricacies of RoboCo engineering, RedPug was also a heavy contributor to RoboCo’s playtests, which are playthroughs of RoboCo conducted by the Discord community to help developers improve the RoboCo gameplay experience! RedPug has also contributed several questions to our on-going Inside RoboCo series. To see some of his robotic contributions to our server, check out the video below!

If you’re interested in meeting RedPug as well as the other humans that make up our Discord community, click the invite link to our server here! Not only do members get the chance to be featured in our RoboEngineer Spotlight, they also are the first to hear about exclusive news, participate in exclusive competitions, and talk directly with our team! 

And that’s it for this week’s devblog! Thank you RedPug and the rest of our community for being such wonderful humans and for continuously promoting and loving RoboCo! Next week, RoboCo’s producer, Kenny Green, is stopping by to tell us about how we dev in 2022! 

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