Telescoping Pistons & Additional Cosmetics – RoboCo Game Update

Telescoping Pistons & Additional Cosmetics – RoboCo Game Update

Hello, bionic inventors! 

Luke Jayapalan has given us some exciting new cosmetics and parts to talk about. However, before we get into it, we do have another BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. 

As you may have seen on Twitter, RoboCo’s developer Filament Games is collaborating with FIRST® Global to produce their first ever virtual robotics challenge. Multiple countries will be competing to build robots that solve such unique challenges as delivering a sandwich, serving coffee, and cutting trees!

If you would like to learn more about the challenge, Filament Games, or FIRST Global, please visit the website: You should also keep an eye on Twitter, where RoboCo will be doing daily posts that feature competitors’ robots, links to where you can watch, and other fun content.

We know some members of the Discord community will be competing in the event and we wish you the best of luck! To those that aren’t participating, please give these engineers your cheers and support!

And now, back to the updates!

Pistons Have Gotten Even Taller

Pistons are one of the most versatile and useful parts in a RoboCo engineer’s toolkit and now they’ve gotten even better! In addition to our regular pistons, we’ve also added telescoping pistons. These guys extend to 4x their current height, which means you can now make pistons that touch the ceiling and still stay within building boundaries!

Something’s a Little Fishy

We all know that the power claw is a fun tool, but what if it was a little more….fishy? Yes, you can now make a Mr. Krabs or even a crab rave with our lobster claw cosmetic! Note that they will not function like powered claws though, so don’t go trying to grab stuff with them.  

I Spy with My Little Eye

Do you want to be a spy when you grow up? Do you want to give the human supervisors a taste of their own medicine? Equip your robot with a security camera!

Go Classic

Looking for that classic robot look? Equip your robot with some metal plates and exhaust vents!

Spooky, Scary, Pumpkins

You may have already seen this cosmetic in last week’s post. However, you probably didn’t know it was brand new! Along with a witch’s hat, the Dev Team added some carved pumpkins to RoboCo in what we hope to be a long tradition of crafting seasonal cosmetics!

And that’s it for this week’s DevBlog!  We hope you enjoyed a closer look at our new parts and cosmetics. Also, make sure to check out to learn more about the First Global RoboCo Challenge!

Tune in next week for a special No-Shave November post where we’ll introduce and give some backstory on some of our favorite RoboCo personnel!

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