RoboEngineer Spotlight #4

RoboEngineer Spotlight #4

Happy Thursday, RoboEngineers!

Last week, we released a new episode of Check Out Our Robots! This week, we’re doing another RoboEngineer Spotlight!

The RoboEngineer Spotlight is an award given to an outstanding member of our Official Discord community. This person can either be an exceptionally talented engineer, an astute teacher or programmer, an active participant in RoboCo events, or all of the above. As our community continues to grow, this person along with other winners like RedPug and Da Bald Eagul become even more essential as they continue to make our Discord a more welcoming and collaborative place. 

Without further ado, please give a big applause to our latest winner….Bufflehead!

Bufflehead has been a member of the RoboCo Discord since June 22, 2022! Like previous winner KingBR, Bufflehead is one of eight engineers to be crowned a Robot Build Competition Winner. In fact, you’ve probably seen a lot of Bufflehead’s robots on RoboCo’s social media, particularly his creation Handy Andy. Handy Andy was one of several robots from the Discord featured in the first episode of Check Out Our Robots and made a special appearance in our OTK Games Expo Cinematic Trailer! He is also well known for recreating famous pop-culture robots in RoboCo, including WALLE, E-100, and R2-D2. You can see these robots and more in the video below!

If you would like to learn more about Bufflehead and our other RoboEngineer Spotlight winners, please consider joining our Official RoboCo Discord. Not only will you have the chance to have yourself and/or your robots featured in the devblog, you’ll also get access to the plethora of upcoming Discord-only competitions we have planned for RoboCo at launch!

And that’s it for this week’s devblog. Make sure to congratulate Bufflehead the next time you see them in the Discord! Next week, we’re bringing Luke Jayapalan back to talk about the new camera selector, vacuum updates, and more!

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